About Me

Hi there! I am Shriti. I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan's School of Information. I am ABD and on the job market for 2021-22.
I am a Human-Computer Interaction and a Health Informatics researcher. I examine ways in which self-monitoring data is used or could be used by patients with chronic conditions and their clinicians to facilitate the care of chronic health conditions. I conceptualize, design, and evaluate novel tools and approaches to leverage personal health data towards the vision of enabling data-driven care. My research draws from the fields of human-computer interaction, sensemaking, information visualization, medicine, chronic illness management, personal informatics, and health decision-support to raise novel research questions that cut across disciplines.
To answer interdisciplinary research questions, I use a combination of qualitative methods that include interviews, observations, focus groups, visualization-based think aloud sessions, task-driven visualization review, and user-centered design and evaluation. My work has been published in top Human-Computer Interaction venues including ACM CHI, IMWUT, and CSCW.


09/07/2021   Student volunteer for CSCW 2021.
08/25/2021   Panelist for new Graduate Student Instructor orienation at UofM.
07/07/2021   I am on the job market for 2021-22.
04/28/2021   Defended my dissertation proposal.
03/14/2021   Received the Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship award!
03/13/2021   Presented my research to students of the Health Communication program at Northwestern.
10/26/2020   Paper accepted to UbiComp 2020.
13/11/2019   Presented at UbiComp 2019.